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Having spent the past 25 years in radio, Marty McFly brings a familiar voice to The Live Ride. McFly got his start in radio in 1985, when a close friend told him of an easy way to make money…radio! At the same time, Michael J. Fox was playing a character with a similar name in the major motion picture called “Back to the Future”. Coincidence?

So he packed his bags, got a u-haul and headed out on a radio journey that took him through Nashville (Y107), Tampa (WFLZ, The Power Pig), Phoenix (KNIX), Greenville, S.C. (B 93.7), Nashville (WSIX), and Cookeville (WGSQ).

The four times nominated “CMA Air Personality of the Year” and three time “ACM Air Personality of the Year” nominee has helped his stations win a combined nine CMA/ACM “Station of the Year” awards! He has also been nominated for Billboard Magazine’s “Air Personality of the Year” in 1996 and Bobby Poe Magazine’s “Large Market Air Personality of the Year” in 1993.

Based in Nashville, McFly enjoys life with his wife and two sons and wakes up the city each day as the morning personality for WKDF-FM while continuing his search for an affordable method of time travel.


"Big Stew"

Stew started in Radio  in 1994 in Cookeville TN. He was attending Tennessee Tech during the day and slaving in retail at night, he knew there had to be a better way to make money. He had been attending college for 5 years and thought he had put in his time not realizing you actually had to graduate. Then he got the chance to jump on board at the local power house radio station WGSQ doing promotions, it’s a fancy word for jack of all trades, a much under appreciated function at any station. That is where Stew met Marty Mcfly. Marty had been in radio many years when he came back to Middle Tennessee to take on afternoons at WGSQ in 1998. He wanted a partner to join him and he found a kindred spirit in Stew. The two formed a show that was nationally recognized on numerous occasions as the highest rated afternoon show in the country, spent 9 years as the #1 afternoon show in their market, and was nominated for several national awards. Marty and Stew were nominated by the Country Music Association 4 times for Small Market Personalities of the year. The A.C.M also took notice and the Boys were nominated 3 times for there version of the Personality of the Year.

Stew has worked for such stations as WGSQ, WHUB, WSIX, and KMXN. He currently sits in the co-pilot seat for radio's version of Wayne' World....."The Live Ride". Stew is also teamed up with Marty on the daily morning show they host in Nashville TN.

Stew calls Nashville his home now, where he plays the part of husband, father and, dude that nods off a lot while watching TV.